Today's construction industry faces challenges that were not imagined only a few years ago. Today it is not just a matter of doing business as usual but rather it is now a matter of aggressive competition and only those firms who can evolve to meet those changing needs will survive. Within this competitive environment has evolved the contemporary safety function that can address numbers of related risk management responsibilities through effective loss control techniques.

Semac has a fulltime professional Safety Director and function that provides important Company-wide support in areas of personnel and operational planning, administration and management, professional liaison, site survey work, risk analysis and forecasting, safety equipment applications, regulatory compliance, enforcement, insurance and worker's compensation coordination, fleet safety, as well as worker training and motivation. Objectives are pursued in these areas with a keen eye on incident, accident and injury prevention, effective response and corrective measures, and cost containment. This is all accomplished within an effective employee teamwork behavioral model that has been the basis for

Our MOD (Modification Rating); Otherwise referred to as Mod rate is consistently under 1.
At Semac safety is not just something that we just talk about, and we
don't take the need to assure a safe work place for granted. Rather we care about our people and the presence of our safety culture is a day-to-day priority.

We work hard as a team to assure the safety, health and well being of our employees to support their "can-do" ability to successfully provide
technically challenging and satisfactory construction services to our clients.


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