Previously Managed Projects & Budgets:


New London Mall Expansions: New free standing buildings with retail stores: $750,000.00


960 Main Street Project: Restoration / Conversion of the former downtown historical G. Fox Building into a Shopping Mall and office fit out of the high rise tower.--
: $ 2,000,000.00

U-Conn Central Warehouse Facility: New warehouse and distribution facility: $ 810,000.00

U-Conn Hilltop Dormitories: New 500 Bed Fast Track 5 story Dormitory : $ 2,000,000.00

Wesleyan University Fauver Field Dormitories: Two New Dormitories: $ 1,200,000.00


Laurel Gardens: Renovations to a rest home:: $ 20,000.00

Constellation at Seabury: New Alztimers Rest Home: $ 400,000.00

The Bridges: New Multi Story Rest Home: $ 780,000.00

Middlesex Hospital: Addition of a new laboratory building and renovation of the surgical recovery wing: $ 1,900,000.00

Midstate Hospital: New Helipad: $ 35,000.00

Juvenile Detention Center: New multi story high security Juvenile Detention center: $ 1,300,000.00


Renovations to Duffy Elementary School: Renovation and technology upgrades to an elementary school:$ 200,000.00

S.C.S.U. Wintergreen Building: Renovation of an existing building into swing space.: $ 400,000.00

Loomis Chaffee High School: New Athletic Facility, Ice Rink, and Building Restoration: $ 1,800.000.00

U-Conn Student Union: Renovation and additions to the Student Center building:$ 5,600,000.00

U-Conn "A.T.I.B.": New "Agricultural Technology Institutional Building" R &D facility and Green house Building: $ 900,000.00

Darien High School: New 345,000 square foot high school: $ 5,600,000.00

Brien McMahon High School: Renovation and additions to high school total of 360,000 square feet: $ 7,000,000.00

Wesleyan University Student Center: New 120,000 square foot Student Center meeting and food services: $ 2,500,000.00


Timex World Head Quarters: New 80,000 state of the art headquarters for the Timex Corporation: $ 2,100,000.00

Bristol Myers Squib: Multi story addition office space and relocation of the campus's main data center:$ 1,400,000.00

100 Constitution Plaza: Infrastructure renovation and electrical service upgrade to a 23 story high rise:$ 1,300,000.00

Bombardier Aerospace: New Leer Jet office building with 130,000 square foot repair hanger: $ 2,100,000.00

Boehringer Ingelhiem Tray Dryer Project: Renovations for a new medical drying facility: $ 35,000.00

Boehringer Ingelhiem Physical Science Building: New multi story pharmacy R&D facility: $ 2,400,000.00


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